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Presenting Visual Artist & Author  Lolita Christian, as seen in & on…

  • The CW 📺 TV (The Connect Show Miami)  

  • ShoutOutLa Magazine (Issue 02/2023)

  • VoyageLA Magazine (Issue 08/2022)

  • Creativ Magazine (50th Issue)

  • The Haitian Times News

  • Art Beat Miami (Interview by Martina)

  • The Royal Coils Coil-ture Freedom Festival

  • Local 10 News 

  • The MLK Destination Freedom Gala


 Lolita is a South Florida native, author & visual artist, also known as the “Daughter of David” (a name which pays homage to her late father). Lolita’s main medium is acrylic paint on canvas; however she describes her style of artistic expression as all inclusive, ranging from a hodgepodge of cubism, abstract expressionism, mixed media, NFT art, cartoon characters, & digital art all the way to folk art & interior design. Some of her biggest creative influences are God (Exodus 35:35), southern African-American culture, comedy, Haitian culture, cartoons, black women, African print fabrics & architecture. 

Where there is art & creativity, there is also LolitaLolita believes her art can also support an important cause, which is why she performed a live “Paint

 The Pain” moment for the Exhale Virtual Café’ by Patience Love Ministries in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month where she sold the performed piece & donated a portionof the proceeds to the Broward Outreach Center to aid victims of domestic violence. Most recently, Lolita had the honor of receiving acknowledgement & award from She’s Doing It, for her hard work & care as a female entrepreneur.

Lolita states that what she loves most about art is that it can both express emotion and evoke emotion because artistic expression allows for personal freedom and authenticity”. Lolita’s art is a divinely inspired labor of love, joy, & passion. She hopes that her art leaves an impression on you as the viewer and that it either makes you smileinspires you, or makes you wonder, perhaps all three.