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The Exodus 1:17 Birthing Initiative

Here at Daughter of David we love our mothers and because we love our mothers so dearly we take a personal interest in the mortality rate within the realm of black women birthing. This is the very reason we decided to start the Exodus 1:17 Birthing Initiative. As research has shown according to Blue Cross Blue Shield analysis “black mothers who have doulas had a higher percentage of full-term births, fewer Cesarean sections and lower rates of postpartum depression…” all of these tidbits add to the things that make up life and health of both mothers and babies. 

The primary goal of the Exodus 1:17 Birthing Initiative is to sponsor the services of doulas or midwives to black expectant mothers in order to increase chances of a healthy full- term pregnancy as well as a healthy delivery for mom and baby. Here at Daughter of David we will donate 10% of the profits from any original artworks sold towards black mothers receiving doulas or midwives to accommodate them in their pregnancy and birthing journey. Be on the look out for testimonials! And know that when you purchase a painting here at Daughter of David you’re also supporting a worthy cause. You can also support this cause without purchasing a painting, to do so please email us at