Grandma Called Me A Hippie – 2 Piece Oval Original Canvas Painting

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Highlights: Hand Painted
Materials: acrylic paint, saffron fringes, sealant 
Surface: Stretched canvas
Height: 10 inches
Width: 8 inches
Depth: .75 inches

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NOTE: Every Original Painting and Limited Edition Piece is accompanied by its own certificate of authenticity, which you will receive along with your purchase.

This piece was inspired by my grandmother who’d always told me I was a hippie. I never understood why she thought so, but as I sat painting this flower child type of art with added fringes which makes it look like a groovy tambourine…I then further realized I became an artist…I thought wow…haha grandma always said I was a hippie, maybe she was right.

My favorite thing about these is that they can be hung up or they can be laying flat on a surface for a display as well and look awesome.


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