1st Corinthians 13 – Original Canvas Painting

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Highlights: Hand Painted
Materials: acrylic paint, coarse texture medium, sealant

Surface: Stretched canvas
Height: 36 inches (3 ft)
Width: 24 inches (2 ft)
Depth: 1.5 inches

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NOTE: Every Original Painting and Limited Edition Piece is accommodated by its own certificate of authenticity, which you will receive along with your purchase.

I was inspired by kintsugi & I love watching Japanese anime and cartoons, even as an adult. I really wanted to pay homage to my love for that by creating my own painting of a couple that have the cartoon feel. The colors around them are meant to demonstrate that they are radiating love & happiness. The woman’s eyes are closed because she feels safe and relaxed. She knows she in good hands with her man, she’s protected like Ruth with Boaz & I put my favorite scripture about love from 1st corinthians 13 because that’s what inspired this acrylic painting

I painted a couple mainly because I tend to be drawn to the romance anime stories. I used acrylic paint and sand texture mixed into some of the acrylic with some stippling underneath the base coat because I tend to like to feel a a little bit of texture.


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