Love Totem Series: Bare With Me – 2 Piece Original Canvas Painting

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Highlights: Hand Painted
Materials: acrylic paint, faux-gold chain, glitter, industrial glue, sealant
Surface: Stretched canvas


Height: 20 inches  each oval
Width: 16 inches  each oval
Depth: .75 inches each oval

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This piece is a 2 piece oval set inspired by the scripture that tells us to bare one another’s burdens. When displayed vertically the piece shows one face looking down for support as the other looks upward in support. The Love Totem Series itself is a collection that I felt God placed on my heart. It’s creatively inspired by my artistic love of totem poles, African mask, tiki mask, & many things tribal. It’s a collection about speaking love, seeing love, & hearing love to one another as human beings, based off scripture.


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