Not The Ghetto – Original Canvas Painting

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Height: 24 inches
Width: 24 inches
Depth: .75 inches

Materials: canvas, acrylic paint

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This painting is inspired by the cute little h.o.a. communities with the cookie cutter homes of my childhood dreams. I went to elementary school in an affluent neighborhood. The children of NFL & NBA players often attended my school. I would marvel at the homes in the area that seemed so palatial & luxurious to me. On the long drive back home after my mother picked me up from the after school program I would gaze out of the car window & watch the scenery slowly change as we drifted from the suburbs back to the inner city. Seeing the manicured lawns, uniformly painted façades, fanciful paved driveways, & a kaleidoscope of flowers that were planted to attract butterflies fade steadily into seven-elevens, Kmarts, & gritty corner stores. One thing I knew for sure was that the neighborhood situated around my elementary school was “not the ghetto”.


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