The Curse Breaker – Original Canvas Painting

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Height: 30 inches

Width: 24 inches

Depth. 1.5 inches

Materials: acrylic paint, modeling paste, coarse texture medium, protective sealant

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This work is very close to my heart. It’s deeply inspired by God, spiritual journey, growth, & breaking generational curses & cycles which have negatively impacted the family’s blood line.

– the yellow paint splatter symbolizes 2 realms comedy. It’s the amusement of satan as he laughs at failures, struggles, & heartbreak. However, most importantly it is the laughter of the victorious because God’s children will always overcome & have the last laugh in the end.

– the four houses are an abstract representation of the book Numbers 14:18 (in the Bible) which each represent one of the four generations. The last house being the tallest, symbolizing the end of punishment.

– the white paint splatter & white paint splatter represents purity & things being renewed & made clean again

– the deep grooves of red symbolize blood & slashes…the beating that has been taken for the sins of the forefathers & the sins of oneself

– the woman in the painting represents God’s chosen. She is one of God’s elect, created to tear down & dismantle strongholds that have been placed within her bloodline by satan

– the gold halo symbolizes strength of character & God’s anointing, that she has been set apart for this particular purpose

– the texture pattern on the top lip brings forth prayers & the sacrifice of praise

She is the curse breaker.


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